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Product Name Cat Code
Wheel Barrow 46 06 BG
Wheel Barrow 46 06
Wheel Barrow 48 01 K

Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows

Wheel Barrows

Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows

McArthur is one of the leading trade suppliers of heavy duty wheelbarrows to the agricultural & farming community throughout the UK. We have a large variety of heavy duty wheelbarrows that satisfy easy & efficient agricultural material transport. Our selection of heavy duty wheelbarrows are available in a variety of sizes (expressed in litres).

3 Wheel Barrow JFC TWB2
3 Wheel Barrow JFC TWB2
Cat Code 46 06 BG
Code 987409
Description 3 Wheel Barrow
Size 2190 x 1100 x 910mm
Tipping Wheel Barrow JFC TWB5
Tipping Wheel Barrow JFC TWB5
Tipping Barrow
Cat Code 46 06 BG
Code 141021
Description Plastic Tipping Barrow
Twin Wheel Barrow JFC TWB3
Twin Wheel Barrow JFC TWB3
Plastic Twin Wheeled Barrow
Cat Code 46 06 BG
Code 982643
Description Twin Wheeled Barrow
Size 255ltr
TippingTrailer JFC ATVT
Tipping Trailer JFC ATVT
Tipping Trailer
Cat Code 45 08 AD
Code 129685
Description Plastic Tipping Tralier
Size 2515 x 1448 x 940mm
If you have any further enquiries on any of our heavy duty wheelbarrows, please contact a local McArthur branch today. We will be happy to help.

McArthur’s heavy duty wheelbarrows form part of our agricultural products portfolio.
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