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Garden Fencing

Garden Fencing

Garden Fencing

McArthur is one of the leading agricultural trade merchants & we are proud to include a great range of garden fencing into our agricultural supplies.

Our garden fencing is as a common mesh-type of fencing available in both PVC coated & galvanised. A 2" diamond mesh with a range of widths and gauges can be supplied with accompanying line wire. There is a certain way to erect our garden fencing, so if you are unsure of installation, please our instruction below or else contact a local McArthur branch, representatives will be happy to help.
  • Set a straining post at each end of the garden fence and at each change of direction lateral direction (angles Left or Right from the original direction). Straining posts should be set in 24" deep holes filled with concrete and strengthened with stays, or Postcrete Readymix Concrete (Also available from McArthur).
  • Place intermediate posts at 6 intervals between the straining posts. Intermediate posts should be set in holes 18" deep.
  • Unroll the coil of line wire and strain between the straining posts, one wire between the top of the post and one wire between the base.
  • Unroll the garden fencing and secure one end to the straining posts using staples, stretcher bars or tie wire.
  • Strain the garden fencing taut between the two straining posts and secure. During installation, please use appropriate clothing, such as hand and eye protection, must be worn to prevent laceration or any nasty cuts.
  • Fasten the garden fencing to the intermediate posts using staples, stretcher bars or tie wire and tie the chain link to the line wires & there you go! You garden fencing should now be installed to your requirements.

Wire Netting

A popular and cost effective product, wire netting is suitable for many uses in both D.I.Y and industrial situations. Available in both galvanised & powdered coated for material protection. A wide range of widths are accompanied by a variety of hexagonal hole sizes & a number of different lengths.

Wire Netting Merchandiser

Wire Netting Stand
PVC Wire Netting
500 x 13
500 x 50
500 x 25
Galvanised Netting
600 x 13
600 x 25
600 x 50
900 x 13
900 x 25
900 x 50
Galvanised Welded Mesh
900 x 13 x 13
900 x 25 x 25
900 x 13 x 25
Tubs of Garden Barbed Wire
25m x 1.7mm
Galvanised Netting
1200 x 25
1200 x 50
1200 x 13
PVC Wire Netting
1000 x 25
1000 x 50

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