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XTM fence®

X<sup>TM</sup> fence<sup>®</sup>

X™ fence®

McArthur is one of the leading trade merchants of X™ fence® to the agricultural & farming community within the UK. X™ fence® fencing is produced in New Zealand using the highest quality primary metal & revolutionary cold-forged manufacturing technology. X™ fence® features a unique, smooth, animal friendly X™ knot & medium tensile stay wires, X™ fence® horse fencing is self supporting & does not sag. It is therefore more durable than other netted agricultural fencing & takes fencing technology to a whole new level.

Horse Fence & Badger Fencing

X™ fence® is manufactured using high tensile 2.5mm wire to give strength and reduce contact injuries. X™ fence® agricultural fencing delivers extreme rigidity and security without the need for costly on-going maintenance. X™ fence® is also faster to erect, with less reliance on materials and labour than other netting type products. Post-spacing requirements are the same as those used with traditional fencing.

Fencing has just become easier, faster and more affordable than ever before with the revolutionary new Horse X™ fence® fencing, delivering all the gains - without any pain. That´s why it´s your unbeatable option for all future equine fencing. Visually appealing, tough, resilient and easy to erect, it has got the X-factor written all over it and will deliver major dividends for your next fencing project. From its unique X™ fence® knot to its revolutionary forged manufacturing technology, Horse X™ fence® fencing promises new dimensions in fence security that simply can´t be overlooked.

Our X™ fence® stock fencing form part of our agricultural supplies portfolio.

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